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How to charge the new electric car correctly? When is the best time to charge?

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The convenience of electric vehicles

Has won the favor of more and more people

Become one of the most convenient transportation methods for everyone to go out

But the newly bought electric car

Do you know how to maintain it

Especially for battery charging

Even the electric car Xiaobai was confused

What is the most correct way

Today, PXID Industrial Design Company will come to popularize science for everyone
How to charge a new electric car!

1. Recharge before use:

For newly purchased batteries

Need to recharge before use

Because before any battery is sold


In this case, the voltage will drop

Insufficient battery storage capacity

The supplementary charging method is

Charge your new car with the onboard charger until the green light is on

2. Choose daytime more at ease:

The battery should be fully charged during the first charge

But full does not mean overcharge

It is easy to control the charging time when charging during the day

Don’t overcharge the battery for the first time

It's easier

Let the first chemical reaction in the battery normal

How to charge the new electric car correctly? When is the best time to charge?

3. Continue to pay attention after the first time:

Pay attention to the second charge

Can make the battery power

When it's almost used up

Do another long charge

This charge can last 8-9 or even 10 hours

In order to make the battery car chemical reaction go through a complete cycle

4. Pay attention to safety:

When the battery car is first charged

The charger may heat up quickly

High heat generation

Therefore, the charger should not be placed on objects that are prone to heat and burn

It’s best not to put it on the battery car seat

Prevent dangerous situations

PXID industrial design company's knowledge of popular science

Have you got it yet?

I hope to give you a new battery

Provide more knowledge help