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“Ten Prohibitions” when riding electric bicycles for traffic safety, remember to collect them!

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Electric bicycles have become the most commonly used means of transportation when people travel because of their light and fast characteristics. In order to ensure travel safety, the editor of the industrial design company took everyone to learn about the "ten prohibitions" of electric bicycle travel.

1. Don't run red lights. Many people run red lights in order to grab time while driving electric bicycles. Electric bicycles shuttle among the crowds of people crossing the road, rushing to compete with pedestrians, and even some electric bicycles accidentally hit pedestrians.

2. Don't break the prohibited line. Electric bicycles should be driven in the prescribed area, and it is prohibited to drive into the prohibited area.

3. Do not drive in reverse. Due to restrictions on road traffic areas, reverse driving not only affects other people's normal traffic, but also occupies a large amount of traffic safety resources, and is very easy to cause huge traffic safety hazards, which can lead to traffic accidents.

4. No viaduct. I think the viaduct is very magnificent, and I want to ride it up and visit it. Such behavior is very dangerous!

5. Do not use motor vehicle lanes. You should drive in a non-motorized vehicle lane. On a road without a non-motorized vehicle lane, you should ride on the right side of the vehicle lane. At the same time, pay attention to controlling the speed of the vehicle to avoid pedestrians.

"Ten Prohibitions" when riding electric bicycles for traffic safety, remember to collect them!

6. Do not go through motor vehicle tunnels. On urban expressways such as tunnels, you can often see non-motorized vehicles that are explicitly forbidden to enter. Knowing that electric vehicles cannot enter the tunnel, you will ride by luck in order to save time.

7. Not on the main expressway. Electric cars are often seen on the main roads of expressways. In order to save time, safety is forgotten.

8. Do not ride unlicensed or over-standard vehicles. Many people will drive unlicensed or over-standard vehicles. Such behavior will not only bring great danger to themselves, but also seriously cause other safety threats.

9. Ride without holding communication equipment. Many people use their mobile phones to make calls or other things when driving electric vehicles. Such behavior not only brings great danger to themselves, but also seriously poses other safety threats.

10. People who do not ride a car (except under 12 years old). You can often see the phenomenon of electric bicycles carrying people. Two or even three people can be crowded in a car, making pedestrians passing by sweat.

In short, people who travel by electric vehicles must keep their safety knowledge in mind, so that they do not run red lights, do not run forbidden traffic, do not drive in the opposite direction, do not go on viaducts, do not use motor vehicles, do not use motor vehicle tunnels, and do not take the main highway of expressways. Do not ride unlicensed or over-standard vehicles, ride without holding communication devices, or ride people (except under 12 years old).

Finally, remind the majority of electric bicycle drivers: life is not easy, and do it and cherish it. Don't be lucky, you can do it every day, and travel safely in civilized traffic.