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A collection of possible problems with electric vehicles and batteries! worth collecting

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Will you encounter all kinds of problems in the use of electric vehicles, but you are at a loss, here, PXID products to industrial design companies to answer the questions you may encounter.

1. What is the reason why the newly bought electric car does not run far?

a. Motor. This will be thought of first. Large current consumption, such as motor demagnetization.

b. Controller. For example, the parameters drift after a period of use, and the cut-off voltage is high.

c. The problem of mechanical resistance. Such as insufficient tire air, bearings, brakes, etc.

d. The charger is insufficiently charged.

e. The battery's own problems and temperature differences.

f. Lines. The line problem is a soft fault. There is no problem with each component, but resistance is generated in the connection, and there is a voltage divider when there is resistance, and the greater the current, the greater the voltage. Turn the handle of the new battery to turn off the light. This problem is very common, and it is nine out of ten of them that don't run far.

2, the circuit problem causes the resistance to be large. What is the problem?

a. The connector of the controller and the battery, and the connector of the motor: good connectors are gold-plated and silver-plated, generally copper or copper-plated, and iron is the worst. Over time, it will oxidize and cause contact resistance. When a large current passes, it will heat up, and it will burn black in severe cases.

b. Fuse. Bad contact. The clamp is not tight and the pressure is not solid.

c. Electric lock switch connected to the main circuit.

d. Welding of battery solder joints.

e. The battery connection wire is too thin or not copper wire. The line length is not good.

f. Wrong wiring. For example, the thin red wire of the controller is connected to the battery.

g. The output port or contact of the battery box is in poor contact.

3. The motor is powerless and consumes a lot of power. What is the reason?

A collection of possible problems with electric vehicles and batteries! worth collecting

a. If your electric car motor always feels unable to run, it is probably because the motor controller is aging. The motor controller is aging, which causes the output power to be too small, causing the motor to be weak.

b. Another situation where the electric vehicle motor is weak is because the magnet is demagnetized, so that the motor does not have enough driving torque, and at the same time, the current greatly increases and the power consumption is serious.

c. The short-circuit or serious leakage of the coil causes the electric energy to be converted into a large amount of heat energy, and the temperature rises rapidly, which causes a serious decline in the performance of the motor, and also causes the motor to become weak or even damage the motor.

d. What is going on when the battery becomes hot

If you feel that the battery is always hot when your electric car is charging, it may be due to the high voltage of the charger.

If the charger voltage is too high, the vulcanization of the battery plate will accelerate, leading to electrolysis of water (H2 and O2) in the later stage of charging, the internal pressure of the battery will increase, H2 and O2 will leak, and moisture will be lost. When the moisture is lost too much, thermal runaway occurs inside the battery. The danger is that the battery will swell. If the plate breaks and sparks occur, it will explode if ignited by H2 and O2.

5. What is the reason why the charger does not turn green?

Is there any way to charge your charger, but it just doesn't turn green? The reasons why the charger does not turn on the lights are roughly as follows:

a. The battery loses too much water. b. The high voltage of the charger will cause the current to rise instead of falling, resulting in severe heating and forming a vicious circle. The charger is always in the high voltage stage and does not turn on the green light. c. Adding liquid containing iron, manganese, copper and other impurities to the battery will cause serious self-discharge of the battery and cause the charging current to rise instead of decreasing. The same will not turn the green light. d. There is a slight short circuit inside the battery. e. The current of the charger to turn the lamp is too low. A battery with a slight failure will cause the green light to not turn.

6. Why does temperature affect battery usage

The temperature also has a great influence on the battery. When the ambient temperature is higher than 40°C or lower than -10°C, the battery life will be shortened. Therefore, when the temperature is low in winter, the capacity drops by 1% for every 1 degree decrease in temperature. Electric vehicle batteries should be stored indoors and charged indoors.