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What should I pay attention to when buying a new electric car? worth collecting

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Buying an electric car cannot be blindly heard and love at first sight. In fact, it is also a technical task, but many people have overlooked it, thinking that there is not much comparable to a small electric car, and did not take the choice of a car seriously. The money was spent in vain. So how can you buy an electric car without spending wrong money? Everyone must pay attention to the points shared by industrial design companies.

One, Understand local management policies

There are huge differences in the management policies of electric vehicles in different regions. In some cities, electric vehicles are completely prohibited from driving on the roads, while in some cities, electric vehicles need to be licensed before they can go on the road.

Take Beijing as an example. After the implementation of the new national standard, Beijing’s urban roads will only allow two types of electric vehicles and electric motorcycles under the new national standard. However, because Beijing has strict control over motorcycle license plates, for ordinary consumers, There is only one option for the new national standard electric car. Compared with other cities, there are no such strict control measures for electric vehicles. As long as the electric vehicles purchased meet the new national standard, they can be licensed and put on the road according to the procedures.

Policy management is a hard indicator. It is recommended that everyone choose big brands when buying electric vehicles, and regular products that can be on the road to avoid greater losses due to vehicle violations.

Second, there are ways for the sales store agency license

What should I pay attention to when buying a new electric car? worth collecting

In areas where there is a need for licensing, many dealers will provide licensing agency services. Although it costs a little more, it can save users a lot of trouble.

However, there are some special circumstances in the licensing agency, that is, some illegal dealers claim that they can apply for a license. In this case, the processing fee is relatively high and it is not legal. Car fines. Now many cities have opened a free licensing service. Therefore, it is not recommended that you buy a car in a martial art that does not have a license plate to avoid the loss.

Three, battery life

The quality of the battery directly determines the service life of the electric vehicle, so most consumers tend to pay more attention to the battery when purchasing. However, because the batteries of most models are encapsulated inside the vehicle, and users do not understand the battery, this provides some businesses with room for fraud.

Fourth, 3C certification and production qualification

After the implementation of the new national standard, it is strictly required that manufacturers must have production qualifications and product catalog announcements and 3C certifications of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The implementation of the new national standard has caused many merchants to sell out-of-standard vehicles in inventory. If the company does not take it back, they will be sold to consumers in various routines by some merchants, which will cause problems such as later licensing. Eyes, choose a qualified and 3C certified brand car.

With the gradual standardization of the electric vehicle market, the tricks and routines existing in the sales and after-sales of electric vehicles are constantly being corrected. The electric vehicle brands of major industrial design companies are currently very concerned about their own market image. Many major brands have invested a lot of energy in the sales and after-sales links to improve the image and process, and provide users with better service and experience. Safe travel of consumers is guaranteed.