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What are the reasons for the slow speed of electric vehicles?

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Recently, I feel that the speed of the car is much slower than when I first bought the car. Is there a battery problem? The slower vehicle speed is not only a battery problem, but also a motor, brake, tire pressure and other components. For the specific situation, please take a look at the editor of PXID Industrial Design Company.

1. Battery reason:

Insufficient battery power: As we all know, the battery is the core of the power output. When the battery power drops to the undervoltage point, the vehicle speed will drop. This is because the controller has an undervoltage protection function to prevent battery damage from over-discharge.

Solution: Fully charge the battery.

2. Motor reason:

Motor magnet demagnetization: ①Long-term overweight, overload, and climbing of electric vehicles will weaken the magnetism of the motor and demagnetize the magnet; ②Long-term high temperature operation will also cause heat accumulation in the motor, which will cause the motor to demagnetize. Therefore, the longer the motor is used, the weaker the power and the slower the speed.

What are the reasons for the slow speed of electric vehicles?

Solution: Go to the repair shop for maintenance or replace with a new motor.

3. Reasons for braking:

① Due to long-term outdoor exposure, the brakes may produce rust or enter foreign objects, which will cause the brake rocker arm to be inflexible, difficult to return, and the brake resistance will slow down; ②The brake pads are too tight or the brakes are not rebounding completely , It will cause the brake to rub the motor all the time, resulting in slower vehicle speed.

Solution: Go to the repair shop to maintain or replace the brakes.

4. Reasons for tires:

Insufficient tire pressure: When the tire pressure of an electric vehicle is insufficient, the friction and adhesion of the tire will increase, which will increase the resistance of the electric vehicle and affect the speed of the electric vehicle.

Solution: Inflate the tire, but don't overinflate it!

Warm reminder from PXID Industrial Design Company: When the electric vehicle breaks down, please go to the service outlet for maintenance in time to protect your own safety!