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Common problems in using the balance car for the first time

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I always feel happy when I just received the balance bike, but during the first use, many customers will not know how to start because they have not touched this kind of products. There will also be improper use in the use. Use some common questions of the balance car to summarize and answer.

Common question 1: Why can't the balance car drive and turn normally?

When buying a balance scooter, many customers will choose a hand-held and leg-controlled balance scooter, because the balance scooter with joystick is easier to use than the ordinary balance scooter, but many customers who are new to this type of balance scooter may not install it. Ride directly with the hand bar or the leg lever. This kind of riding is wrong. Both the hand lever balance bike and the leg lever balance bike need to use the hand lever and the leg lever to perform corresponding turns and operations, and It is impossible to use APP to operate the car normally without installing the hand control lever and the leg control lever. If your car is a balance bike with a hand lever or a leg lever, you only need to install the corresponding lever to ride normally.

Frequently Asked Question 2: After the car with a handlebar is equipped with a handlebar or a leg control, it will automatically move forward?

Most of the cars of PXID Industrial Design Company are self-balancing cars, which sense the direction of gravity. The handle bar or the leg lever itself has weight, so it is normal for the car to move forward automatically after installing them. Just gently hold the handlebar or the leg control lever to control it not to go forward.

Common problems in using the balance car for the first time

Common question 3: How to get off the balance bike?

I often encounter many customers who have just received a balance scooter inquiring about such problems, and forget how to get off after learning how to drive.

Before getting off the car, you need to make the car stand still and keep it in a balanced state (important: the car must be in a balanced state, not forward or backward). Go down to the back of the car with one foot first, and then quickly leave the foot pad with the other foot and go down to the back of the car (note: you must get off from the back).

Frequently asked questions 4: How to link the balance car after the APP is installed?

The first step is to connect Bluetooth: turn on the balance bike, when the balance bike prompts "Welcome, please pay attention to safety when driving", take out the phone, turn on Bluetooth, search for nearby devices (generally, the initial Bluetooth name of the balance bike is: PXID) and click the name The Bluetooth of "PXID" is connected. After the connection is completed, the balance car will emit a "dingdong" prompt, which indicates that the connection has been completed.

The second step is to link the APP: open the APP, the APP will search for the balance car you are using, and connect it. If it keeps showing that it is searching, then there may be some minor problems with the motherboard of the balance scooter. Just contact the online customer service of the car shop and report that they can handle it for you.

The above are some of the problems that many customers often encounter when using the balance scooter for the first time summarized by the editor. I hope to help you who use the balance scooter for the first time~ If you have more questions, you can contact us or add PXID industry. Design company public WeChat account for consultation.