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What kind of electric cars do young people like? PXID gives you the answer

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Nowadays, with the improvement of living standards and the rapid development of intelligence, young people have become more and more strict in choosing items. Take the two-wheeled electric bicycles used by many young people for daily commuting. Not only do they need to look good when they ride out, but they also have to have "black technology" in order to attract their favor.

Today, the editor will introduce to young people a PXID industrial design company's electric car, which has a trendy appearance, advanced lithium battery system and powerful performance. It is the PXID smart folding electric car.

Trendy appearance, become your fashion item

What kind of electric cars do young people like? PXID gives you the answer

This is a very "young" car with a stylish appearance, which is very suitable for today's young consumers. The exterior design of the electric car adopts classic geometric shapes and an integrated magnesium alloy frame, and is matched with a plastic shell to wrap the body. Every inch is just right, and the entire appearance is exquisite and full of texture. In addition, the stylish headlights in front of the car make the car both recognizable and cool, and it will surely attract a lot of attention when riding on the road.

Advanced lithium battery technology, go wherever you want

PXID Industrial Design Company’s electric vehicles use advanced power lithium battery system technology, and pass the rigorous screening of 18650 automotive-grade power lithium battery cells fused with dynamic AI self-learning BMS smart battery cloud housekeeper, self-adapting motor, and energy-efficient matrix PACK and other systems. Work together to stimulate the potential of each battery cell, get more energy, and bring more mileage. With the blessing of this system, you who love to travel freely between cities and those who love to go out on an outing can ride an electric bike and "go wherever you want."

The PXID electric car is a "traveling artifact" that is very suitable for the aesthetics of young people nowadays. Therefore, when you choose an electric car, you may wish to consider the PXID electric car~