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How to maintain the battery board of the electric scooter?

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Electric scooters can replace the functions of cars and bicycles in many short-distance scenarios. PXID electric scooter upgraded seat cushion tube structure, flip-up panel is very convenient to take the battery, off-road vehicle-style handle, coupled with beautiful appearance, so that you who drive it become the focus of everyone's attention.

How to maintain the battery board of the electric scooter? The battery board of electric scooters should be charged in time; deep discharge should be performed regularly; storage under power should not be allowed.

Timely charging is reflected in that the salinization reaction (vulcanization reaction) begins when the battery plate is discharged. Timely charging can convert active lead sulfate into active spongy lead and lead dioxide in time. If left for more than 12 hours, the active The lead sulfate will crystallize again into larger crystal particles and become irreversible salinization (sulfide). If you need to charge in time every time you ride and make the battery in a shallow cycle state, it will extend the battery life.

How to maintain the battery board of the electric scooter?

Regular deep discharge refers to 1-2 deep discharges a month. The so-called deep discharge refers to the first full discharge of undervoltage protection after riding on a flat road under normal load conditions, or full discharge with a discharge meter , That is, drop each single voltage to 1.75V, and then fully charge it, which will slightly increase the battery capacity.

Non-shortage storage refers to batteries that have been out of service for a long time. The batteries must be fully charged before being stored, and recharged at least once a month.

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