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How to reduce excessive wear of electric scooter tires?

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Electric scooters play a role in modern society to make more people fall in love with them, but many users are distressed that many times the car is still very good, but the tires are worn and need to be replaced.

The wear of tires comes from pressure and a series of other external forces. Therefore, when using electric scooters, if the situation allows and not in a hurry, try to drive at a constant speed, so that the reduction of tire pressure can reduce tire wear.

Tire cleaning is also very important, sometimes in rainy weather and muddy road conditions. When the car is riding, it will be stained with mud and sand, including mudguards, which adhere to the tires. After the moisture dries up, the friction will increase, which will also increase the wear of the tires.

How to reduce excessive wear of electric scooter tires?

And it’s very important to choose the road section when riding. Don’t go on rugged trails when you can take a flat road as much as possible. Including some gravel roads or uneven potholes. Some users like to car in bad road conditions. In fact, this method is not suitable because the road conditions are not good and there may be other things of different materials on the road. Excessive hard objects will cause more wear on the tires. It is also unsafe to ride on bad road conditions.

When used in summer, the temperature of the tires will also increase due to the high ground temperature. During riding, try not to let the car pass through areas with water, so as to avoid the tires from being exposed to water when the temperature is high .

The above is what the editor of the industrial design company shared with you is some ways and suggestions on how to protect the tires of electric scooters as much as possible. We love the car, it can also take us to run longer.