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How to easily fold the electric scooter?

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The appearance of the electric scooter is very trendy and the design is cool. From the appearance, it can be seen that it is a very portable model. The appearance is responsible. The weight of the car is about 8KG. Girls can easily carry it. For short trips to work and travel , PXID industrial design company’s folding electric scooters have absolute advantages. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they also have dual brake systems, front-wheel electronic brakes for fast braking, and rear-wheel physical brakes for smooth deceleration, good braking effect and simpler operation. It folds quickly in one second and can be easily put into the trunk of the car. You don't have to worry about not finding a parking space, and you can easily take it to the office.

The electric scooter is also equipped with LED headlights to escort your night riding and illuminate the road you are going on. It also has a taillight design that suppresses the brakes and reminds the vehicles and pedestrians behind by blinking continuously , To ensure the safety of riding at night. The following editor introduces how to fold easily?

Open fixed

(1) Press down the folding buckle, hold the lever of the handlebar or faucet lever with your hand, and slowly open it upward.

How to easily fold the electric scooter?

(2) You need to step on the rear wheel fender with one foot, hold the handlebar or faucet lever with both hands, push it forward slowly, and you will hear a tart sound.

(3) Check again to see if the card slot with the red circle in the figure below is fully inserted, if not, then slowly push it forward a few more times until the card slot is fully inserted, then the opening and fixing is completed.


(1) After the fold is opened and fixed, the folding buckle in the red circle in the figure below is slightly lifted up, and then press the fold buckle down.

(2) Hold the lever of the handlebar or faucet lever with your hand, and fold it down slowly to easily fold the car.

PXID Industrial Design's scooter is simple and portable to get started quickly. It allows you to bid farewell to congestion and travel easily. The car is also equipped with a battery module with high endurance, which makes the compact body take into account high mobility and the ability to ride for a long time. Friends who like it are worth starting!