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Four misunderstandings of electric scooter charging! Are you still doing it?

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As the weather turns cooler, the power of electric scooters is becoming more and more insufficient. At this time, the maintenance of electric scooters is particularly important. Only with scientific and reasonable methods can it be used for a longer period of time, especially in terms of battery charging. So, what kind of electric scooter battery charging is the most scientific and reasonable?

1. Stop charging overnight

For convenience and trouble-shooting, many people will directly plug the electric scooter into the charger after returning home, and charge it for the whole night. The next day, they can directly ride a fully-charged car to work. Such charging time often exceeds or Nearly 12 hours, it will actually cause a lot of damage to the battery. First, it will cause the battery to overcharge and charge the battery, which will damage the life. Second, it may cause the electronic components in the charger to overheat, easy to short circuit and sparks, and finally brew Into a fire.

Therefore, the most reasonable charging time for the battery of an electric scooter is usually 2 to 8 hours (depending on the remaining power). If you want to balance convenience and science, it is recommended that you can buy a timer charging socket, so that there is no worry of overcharging.

2. Pay attention to the brand of charger

Many friends have bought electric scooters for a long time, and the original charger may be damaged or lost. At this time, they may buy some so-called "universal chargers" to use. But in fact, this is a big misunderstanding, because the charger of electric scooter is absolutely not universal!

Four misunderstandings of electric scooter charging! Are you still doing it?

First of all, they are all 48V chargers, the shape of the output terminal and the positive and negative terminals are not necessarily the same, and the charging current is not necessarily different. Secondly, if you use a 2.5A charger to charge a 10, 12AH battery, the charging current is too large, which will damage the battery; if a 1.58 charger is used to charge a 17, 20AH battery, the charging current is too small, and the charging will be unsatisfactory for a long time.

Therefore, when we buy a charger, we must first understand whether the charger is consistent with your battery voltage and current, and it is best to choose a brand charger. The original one is best, and if you don’t understand it, you can also go The relevant specialty store asks the professional staff, do not choose blindly by yourself.

Three, dedicated car

Some friends may have multiple electric scooters at home, and there may be a situation where chargers are mixed, which is also a taboo for charging. As mentioned above, the mismatch of charging voltage and current will have a great impact on the service life of the battery, so remember that the charger is dedicated to the car and don't get confused.

Fourth, try not to use fast charging stations to charge

Since many vehicles are now being converted to electric drive, fast charging stations can often be seen in cities. Although they provide convenience, for electric scooters, such high-current fast charging will It can cause serious gassing and water loss of the battery, and long-term use will also cause the battery to charge up, which will affect the life, so it is best to avoid it.

PXID industrial design company kindly reminds: no matter what, the electric scooter can be used for more than a few years after maintaining it. The beneficiary will ultimately be us, and the scientific use method can also avoid accidents and make the family safer, so it is recommended Everyone should charge reasonably and prevent the slightest failure.