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Who is more environmentally friendly, electric cars or motorcycles?

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Who is more environmentally friendly, electric cars or motorcycles? In fact, it has long been concluded that electric vehicles have been recognized as environmentally friendly models, and it is indeed the same during its operation. It walks quietly and does not leave a little exhaust behind it. In terms of operating quality, it is definitely a clean energy and environmentally friendly model.

Motorcycles are completely different. During the entire driving process, there will be not only the sound of engine work, but also the exhaust gas produced by engine combustion. Even if your emission standards are high, the internal combustion engine will definitely have exhaust gas, so from the operating quality Looking at motorcycles and environmental protection, there is still a distance.

But from the production process of the whole vehicle to the later maintenance, motorcycles will be more environmentally friendly. Although some car clubs do not agree with this, you will find that the power source of electric vehicles is by comparing the power total achievements of the two models. ——Battery is a highly polluting product, especially the pollution caused by lead-acid battery production process is quite serious.

Who is more environmentally friendly, electric cars or motorcycles?

However, the environmental pollution caused by the later replacement of the battery cannot be underestimated. Although it can also be recycled and reused, the indirect pollution caused by the refurbishment process is obviously higher than that caused by the later reuse of the motorcycle. Pollution is also the main reason why industrial design companies are unwilling to admit that electric vehicles are environmentally friendly vehicles in an absolute sense.

From the above introduction, it can be seen that from the perspective of operating quality, electric vehicles and motorcycle industrial design companies have less pollution to the environment and are more environmentally friendly, but the pollution caused by its pre-manufacturing and post-maintenance is obviously Will be higher than motorcycles.

In fact, the so-called clean energy should mainly come from the natural energy sources, such as light, wind, etc., but if the energy is produced by man, it will be more or less polluted, but the pollution will be relatively small in later use. , And electric vehicles are just in line with the characteristics of low pollution in later use, so they will be considered clean energy and relatively environmentally friendly. But is this really the case? It remains to be demonstrated.