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Come on a micro trip with P1 electric scooter

pxid 2021-01-16 139 times

With the increasing demand for convenient travel, electric scooters are being loved by more and more young people. In addition to the advantages of portability, convenient operation and fast speed, for those who like to try different life experiences, choose electric scooters. Traveling by car adds more fun to life. This autumn, in the cool and cool autumn, let PXID industrial design company's P1 folding electric scooter meet you for a low-carbon and comfortable micro-travel.

In the daily work and life of most urban people, they will encounter traffic jams and invisible air pollution. Although these are only subtle, they have gradually built up a poor living environment for people, and low-carbon life has begun to receive public attention. , P1 mini foldable electric scooter is powered by clean energy electricity, and can complement urban public transportation in daily riding, which can free people from the pressure of traffic jams, improve travel efficiency, and practice low-carbon life.

Come on a micro trip with P1 electric scooter

Due to the tight pace of work and the high pressure in life, most office workers do not have enough time and money to take a willful journey of "The world is so big, I want to go out for a walk". In fact, although we have no chance to appreciate foreign countries abroad Amorous feelings, see the great rivers and mountains all over the country, but it is not a problem to go to the suburbs or to the neighboring cities for a one- or two-day micro-travel. A simple journey will let you put aside the pressure that has accumulated for a long time and put you in a brand new state. In the face of work and life, the PXID industrial design company electric scooter can also become your best travel partner.

Whether you are going to beautiful parks, scenic spots, or crowded playgrounds, electric scooters can be used as your essential "little expert" to help you travel better, more efficiently, and with less effort. It uses an ultra-quiet motor to provide super power, and it will not make the slightest noise in any quiet and peaceful scenic spot to disturb yourself and others' enjoyment of the scenery. Long battery life, no matter how big a playground can accompany you to swim.

The P1 mini foldable electric scooter is a low-carbon trip, a way of riding, and an attitude to life; experience a low-carbon slow-riding city trip, and come on a relaxing and leisurely micro trip. This kind of travel equipment that advances with the times can bring the greatest beauty to life.