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How to fold and retract the electric scooter?

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In order to meet people’s needs for short-distance transportation, more and more transportation tools from industrial design companies appear in people’s lives. Electric scooters are used in various transportation tools with their advantages of energy saving, portability, environmental protection, easy operation, and high speed. Occupies a place in. Electric scooters have become popular in recent years. They have great practicability while integrating leisure and entertainment. White-collar workers, short-distance transportation, driving experience, etc., so how to fold and retract electric scooters?

Three steps to fold:

Step 1: There are two folding locks on the crossbar of the electric scooter handle. Hold the locks and pull them to both sides to bend the handles downwards.

Step 2: Open the vertical folding lock of the electric scooter and fold the handle downward.

How to fold and retract the electric scooter?

Step 3: There are two folding buttons on the connecting bridge between the front wheel and the pedals. Press the two folding locks inward with your hands to fold the body naturally until you hear a "puff" buckle the body to complete the folding. , Just pick up the electric scooter and place it in the open space.

Expand three steps: The first step: Open the connecting bridge between the front wheel and the pedal of the electric scooter. The difference from folding is to press and hold the button on the left to open the body.

Step 2: Open the folding buckle of the electric scooter handle.

The third step: Raise the vertical pole, adjust the height to a proper position, and the electric scooter can drive normally.

For the folding and retracting of electric scooters, I will share with you today. After folding, the body of the electric scooters is smaller and can be carried with you, seamlessly connecting with various other transportation tools of industrial design companies, electric skateboards Car letting travel routes can be planned more flexibly and efficiently.