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Envious of the convenience that can’t come, the joy of traveling with Jiuyue A3 electric scooter!

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Commuting to work, the short time on this road, whether it is suffering or pleasure, as long as you choose the right means of transportation, it will eventually become a brand new travel experience for you. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and good time on this road as you like. Jiuyue A3 electric scooter, the world's ultimate experience, anytime, anywhere, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate travel pleasure.

Envious of the convenience that can't come, the joy of traveling with Jiuyue A3 electric scooter!

The beauty we have been looking for is actually at our feet and beside us. PXID industrial design company’s ingenuity, every detail is carefully crafted, the model of the scooter, exported to the world, the unique design and practical value have been unanimously recognized, and there are already 50,000 units in less than two months after the market. Orders reached 75 million in sales. The trend design of future shared scooters, you also deserve to have. Full of energy, beyond your imagination, the safe power lithium battery is clean energy and will not cause pollution to the environment; high-rate high-power power supply, safe and durable performance. In addition to the lithium battery that comes with the bottom plate, a removable battery is also designed. After the original power is exhausted, the battery can also be used for power supply to meet the needs of users for long-distance riding.

City light life, cool play new experience-energy recovery system, A3's electric scooter industrial design company is also equipped with an energy recovery system applied to cars, in the process of driving, EBS electronic brake response through accurate calculations 10% energy recovery improves power usage efficiency and increases endurance. Take ta and set off, giving you a different riding pleasure...