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How to choose an electric scooter?

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For those who like the convenience of life, electric scooters must not be missed. Electric scooters are another new product form of skateboarding after traditional skateboarding. In big cities and even the whole of China, traffic jams and smog have become one of the top problems that give people headaches. This has also led more and more people to pay attention to environmentally friendly, healthy, and fast transportation tools. Among them, electric scooters occupy a place among various transportation tools due to their energy-saving, portable, environmentally friendly, easy-to-operate, and fast speed. . So how to choose an electric scooter correctly?

1. Weight

Only when electric scooters are as small in size and light as possible can they be used conveniently on buses and subways. Especially for female users, the weight of electric scooters is particularly important. Many electric scooters have a folding function and can be carried after being folded. This design should also be paid special attention to when purchasing electric scooters, otherwise the electric scooters bought may become idle items.

2. Speed

Many people think that the speed of electric scooters is of course as fast as possible, but it is not. Electric scooters are a kind of electric-driven transportation, and the best speed of electric scooters should be 20km/h. Electric scooters below this speed are difficult to play a practical role in transportation, and electric scooters above this speed will bring safety hazards. In addition, according to national standards and scientific speed limit design, the rated speed of electric scooters should be about 20km/h. High-end electric scooters generally have non-zero starting devices. The non-zero starting design means that you need to use your feet on the ground to help the electric scooter move, and then hook the accelerator to complete the start. This design is to prevent the novice electric scooter from being unable to control the speed safely.

How to choose an electric scooter?

3. Earthquake resistance

The shock absorber of the electric scooter is to make the electric scooter have a better riding experience when passing through the bumpy road. Some electric scooters have built-in front and rear shock absorbers. The main reason for the lack of shock absorption is to rely on the tires of electric scooters. Air tires have better shock absorption effects. The solid tires of electric scooters are relatively inferior to air tires, but the advantage is that they will not puncture the tires and are maintenance-free. The scooter can be selected according to personal preference.

4. Motor

Electric scooters generally use hub motors. Hub motors are further divided into solid hub motors and hollow hub motors. In the product of electric scooters, because the motor brakes of electric scooters are all on the rear wheels, electric scooters manufacturers may basically use solid tires based on this consideration.

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