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How to avoid insufficient electricity for electric vehicles in winter? Teach you a trick, the battery will be sufficient immediately!

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With its convenient and practical advantages, electric vehicles have become a necessary travel tool for families, which can not only save travel time, but also avoid the trouble of traffic jams during peak hours. However, as the weather is getting colder and colder, electric vehicles have less and less power. In summer, you can obviously ride four or five times. Now you can ride two or three times and you have to charge. This in the end is why?

Many people mistakenly think it is a battery problem, and replace or repair the battery. Actually, it is not because the weather is cold and the electric vehicle has insufficient power. The following product tells the industrial design company how to avoid insufficient electricity for electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles will have the problem of insufficient power. This is because the batteries of electric vehicles use lead-acid batteries, which are based on chemical power generation. As the temperature decreases, the temperature of the reactants in the lead-acid battery also decreases, and the chemical reaction speed becomes slower. The battery can only release a small amount of electricity. Electric vehicles will have insufficient power and electricity, so they will feel that the electricity of electric vehicles is not enough. use.

How to avoid insufficient power of electric vehicles?

How to avoid insufficient electricity for electric vehicles in winter? Teach you a trick, the battery will be sufficient immediately!

First, we can ride at a constant speed while riding to reduce the consumption of electricity. When an electric vehicle accelerates, it will increase the amount of current and accelerate the consumption of electricity in the battery. Riding at a constant speed ensures that the power in the battery is consumed evenly, and there is no situation where the power consumption becomes larger such as a sudden increase in current, which can also extend the battery life in winter.

Second, we can take certain "warm-keeping measures" for the battery and wear a "small quilted jacket" for the battery. We can cover some insulation materials around the battery of the electric vehicle to keep the temperature in the battery from falling too low. The temperature rise can speed up the reaction speed of the battery contents, and the electric bicycle can be ridden for longer and more powerful.

The third is to control the charging time and charging method of the battery. When the remaining battery power is 30%, we need to charge the electric vehicle in time to ensure that there is enough power in the battery to meet travel needs. Pay attention to safety when charging, and the charging time cannot be too long. Overcharging will damage the battery.

I hope this will help everyone. I believe that the industrial design company will soon be able to solve the problem of insufficient power for electric vehicles in winter, ensure power driving, and meet travel needs.