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Have you seen the world’s thinnest and lightest electric scooter, or Apple style?

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Apple's new three-camera iphone11 series, especially the dark green one, was in short supply and was robbed as soon as it went on the market. Apple’s series follow a simple and practical design style. Have you ever wondered what Apple’s electric scooters will look like?

The following industrial design company will show you an electric scooter full of Apple style.

This electric scooter is described as the thinnest and lightest electric concept scooter on the planet. Its folded thickness is only 30 mm. It uses ultra-thin carbon fiber, which makes it very suitable for storage at home and office, and any need to fold A space-saving commuting environment.

Have you seen the world's thinnest and lightest electric scooter, or Apple style?

It is equipped with a 36V motor, which can provide a maximum speed of approximately 25km/h and a cruising range of 15 kilometers. It can increase the driving range by adding a double capacity battery equivalent to the original battery.

In addition, it also has two charging methods, plug-in and inductive charging functions. It is also equipped with a pop-up display mounted on the handlebars, which can not only be used as a turn signal to indicate the direction of turning, but also as an external display using Bluetooth connection to display information notifications from Bluetooth.

According to the team of the industrial design company, this light scooter will be launched in 2020, and the price will not be very expensive and will not exceed 1,500 euros.

Do you like this Apple style electric scooter?