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What are the common problems of electric scooters?

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Electric scooters are already the best choice for work trips because of their portability and light weight. Ride on the scooters, bid farewell to the troubles of being late in traffic jams, and travel without worry. Recently, some friends left a message asking the editor, can scooters be taken on the subway?

Today, the editor of the industrial design company has compiled some common problems of scooters for everyone.

Can electric scooters be taken on the subway?

Electric scooters can be taken on the subway. There is currently no provision prohibiting the carrying of electric scooters, so you can bring related items on rail transit. Electric scooters can be used not only as a means of transportation, but also as a kind of toy. It is worth noting that if the size of the scooter is too large, it will affect the security check and may not be allowed.

Can electric scooters be taken on the high-speed rail?

What are the common problems of electric scooters?

Electric scooters can be brought on high-speed rail. Generally, electronic products are prohibited from being carried because of batteries. The railway safety management regulations do not include lithium batteries, and most electric scooters are lithium batteries, so you can bring high-speed rail. But it needs to be packaged and it is not allowed to be used in the station.

Can electric scooters be taken on the plane?

Electric scooters are not allowed on the plane. my country's civil aviation stipulates that the maximum lithium battery carried is 100Wh (specially no more than 160Wh), and now the lithium battery capacity of the transportation tool of the industrial design company is between 500Wh and 1000Wh, which exceeds the limit of the lithium battery carried by the aircraft, so electric scooters cannot Brought on the plane.

Can electric scooters be on the road?

According to the "Road Traffic Safety Management Regulations", currently electric scooters and balance vehicles cannot be used on the road. Because the driving, braking, and steering technologies of electric scooters do not meet the standards of Chinese motor vehicles, which affects road traffic safety. But it is very convenient to drive in parks, paths, etc.