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In the new national standard era, can electric scooters and balance bikes be on the road?

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As the problem of urban traffic congestion becomes more and more serious, transportation tools have gradually become the choice of office workers during peak hours. As a new type of transportation tool, scooters and balance bikes are light and portable, which greatly promotes green travel and creates a "last mile" travel concept.

Since the implementation of the new national standard, with the improvement of the industry system, the supervision of transportation tools in various places has become more stringent, and there have been more discussions about scooters and balance cars. So can electric scooters and balance cars be on the road?

Under the new national standard, electric scooters and balance bikes can only be used as leisure and entertainment tools. It is undeniable that, with the convenience and lightness of electric scooters and balance bikes, it is convenient for everyone's daily life to a certain extent.

In the new national standard era, can electric scooters and balance bikes be on the road?

Electric scooters and balance bikes are the best choices for commuting and fitness. They can enhance cardiorespiratory function, strengthen regressive muscles and arm strength, stretch leg ligaments, promote bone development, and improve balance response and agility coordination.

The editor of the industrial design company below has compiled some common sense and precautions for scooters and balance cars on the road:

Be sure to use original parts, do not disassemble or modify at will, otherwise it is prone to danger. Before riding, adjust the angle and height that suit you, and wear a safety helmet. Choose a transportation tool with better braking performance and be familiar with the location of the brake.

Fill the bearings with oil regularly to reduce sliding resistance; regularly check the practicability of the accessory functions. Beginners should slide on the road with a small slope, gradually increasing the difficulty. Wear riding equipment. Do not slide on wet or overly bumpy roads.