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How to choose the most suitable electric scooter? Just look at these 5 points

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With the advancement of science and technology, industrial design companies continue to introduce a variety of multi-functional scooters, whether it is from the exterior design or the internal structure, to meet the current travel needs. But in the face of all kinds of electric scooters, how to choose a scooter that suits you is still confused...

I have been in an industrial design company for nearly 6 years. I have tried riding most of the scooters on the market, communicated with some manufacturers, and investigated the riding experience of customers in return visits. Here are some tips for buying electric scooters.

1. Know your needs and choose according to your needs?

At present, most of the scooters on the market are focused on lightweight, portability, and complete functions, but they also have limitations. The extreme requirement for one function means the compromise of another function. If you need a scooter that lasts for a long time, it means that the battery capacity is very large, and the weight of the vehicle will certainly not be light. If you need a lightweight and portable scooter, it means that the body will be small and the riding comfort may not be so high.

2. What is the appropriate range of cruising range?

The battery capacity determines the cruising range. If you are an ordinary consumer, the cruising range is about 30km, the price is relatively moderate, and it can also meet the needs of short-distance travel. If you need to travel for a longer distance, the cruising range cannot be less than 50km, and the battery will be large and the price will be very expensive.

How to choose the most suitable electric scooter? Just look at these 5 points

3. Is the vehicle weight portable?

One of the attractions of electric scooters is that they are portable, lightweight, and convenient. They can enter elevators, subways, and buses, and can be portable. If you need to bring it into the subway or take the bus, the size of the car should be relatively small, and the weight should be less than 15kg. If it is mainly placed in the trunk and occasionally on the subway, the weight of the car is about 20kg. If the weight is higher, it can't be counted in the portable range.

4. Does the motor power meet the climbing requirement?

Usually the power of an electric scooter is around 240W-600W. The climbing ability is not only related to the motor power, but also to the voltage. Under the same circumstances, the climbing strength of 24V240W is not as good as that of 36V350W. If you usually travel on the road with a steep slope, it is recommended to choose a voltage above 36V and a motor power above 350W. If you need to climb the underground garage, it is best to choose 48V500W or more, so that the motor can also be better protected.

5. When is the merchant's after-sales service considerate?

Choosing a business with a good service attitude can make you more comfortable throughout the process. Unlike other fast-moving consumer goods, electric scooters may encounter some problems during use. When we can't solve them by ourselves, we need the help of merchants. So after-sales service is also the point of choice for buying scooters.

Choose the most suitable and favorite scooter, choose according to your needs, and take the initiative in your own hands. Starting from these aspects, it is difficult to find a suitable scooter...