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Electric scooters are so popular abroad, why are they not invested in China?

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With the rapid development of domestic society, many citizens tend to travel more conveniently in addition to being fast. Therefore, this has also given birth to shared bicycles and shared cars in China. Especially in first-tier cities in China, many citizens can no longer travel without shared bicycles. However, when shared bicycles became so popular in China, shared electric scooters have become common in foreign countries. There are also investors who want to bring this shared service into domestic development, but they have been rejected.

Electric scooters have begun to be popular in European and American countries, because they are light and fast, they are loved by tourists and local citizens. And after many tourists went to these countries to experience this kind of shared electric scooters, they praised it as convenient and worry-free. And these electric scooters have gradually replaced foreign bicycles and shared cars.

Electric scooters are so popular abroad, why are they not invested in China?

Shared electric scooters are so popular abroad, and there are so many people in China. As long as they are invested, they will definitely be welcomed and loved by many citizens. Why don't they just invest in China? There are actually reasons. Because the production cost of electric scooters is high, and the battery life is not very long, businesses worry that the vehicles will be discarded at will when they are out of power, and they will not be repaired and charged in time, resulting in waste of resources.

Therefore, the electric scooter design company believes that if electric scooters want to become popular in China, it still needs a certain amount of time and foundation, and it also needs a good design to meet the riding habits of the Chinese, and it must be targeted for different Groups to design a variety of different electric scooters, so that the electric scooters industry can be better developed