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How old can children play on electric scooters?

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In recent years, electric scooters have been favored by more and more young parents to purchase electric scooters for their children. Playing electric scooters is conducive to improving children's sense of balance and coordination, and can also stimulate children's interest in learning. But since playing scooters is a more dangerous sport, how old can children play?

Over three years old

Generally speaking, electric scooters are more suitable for children over 3 years old to learn and play. Children under the age of 3 do not walk smoothly, and their balance is not strong enough to control themselves, so they are easy to fall. And playing scooters too early may affect children’s leg development. Children over 3 years old can walk smoothly and can be used with their parents. Generally speaking, children from 3 to 7 years old can practice electric scooters appropriately, which is conducive to improving balance and coordination.

How old can children play on electric scooters?

Family companionship

Electric scooters are a relatively difficult sport. Children will be very difficult when they are just learning, so they need their parents to accompany them closely. In addition, children's safety awareness is not strong, so they may not notice their own safety when they are skateboarding. If they are driving too fast, it is easy to fall when it is difficult to control the speed. The bones of 3-year-old children are still relatively fragile. If they fall to the ground, they can easily cause fractures. It is even more unimaginable if it is the back of the head.

Safety first

Safety is the first priority when children play electric scooters. In addition to the close company of their parents, they must also wear complete protective gear, such as helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, etc., which can play a protective role in the event of a fall . Children around 3 years old are best to choose three-wheeled scooters instead of two-wheeled scooters. Three-wheeled electric scooters are more stable and safer. When children grow up and can master three-wheeled electric scooters, they can practice other types of electric scooters appropriately.