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How to choose an electric scooter that suits you? Just remember these 5 points

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In foreign countries, electric scooters are very popular. In recent years, the domestic market has gradually heated up, forming a small wave of hot scooters. When consumers are making purchases, they are generally dazzled by the uneven products on the market, making it difficult to purchase. Therefore, before purchasing an electric scooter, it is necessary to comprehensively judge from various aspects, such as the manufacturer's brand, motor performance, battery pack, cruising range, and braking system. After comparing and matching your own needs and the above parameters, you can easily Choose products that meet your wishes. Today, the editor will briefly analyze the main core components of electric balance.

Manufacturer Brand

An important factor in the purchase of scooters is safety. The brand is an important endorsement of safety. The leading manufacturers of Segway, Xiaomi, PXID, etc., are well-known brands in the industry, ranging from materials to quality inspections. They are relatively reliable and have stricter quality requirements.

Motor performance

The motor is equivalent to the heart of the scooter-power output; the power of the motor directly affects speed and fluency, the greater the power, the stronger the speed and power of the scooter.

How to choose an electric scooter that suits you? Just remember these 5 points


The battery pack is the energy source of the scooter, and its capacity and stability are very important. At present, mainstream manufacturers are basically using 18650 lithium battery packs. Generally, batteries are divided into domestic and imported brands. Domestic batteries generally have CE certification and 3C certification, but most of them have not passed UL certification. As a leading brand in the industry, PXID's products have passed UL standards.

recharge mileage

Endurance has always been the focus of everyone's attention. Now the cruising range of scooters on the market is basically about 20KM; it is suitable for short commuting or entertainment every day. You can choose a scooter with suitable performance according to your needs and considering the actual situation.

Brake system

At present, most electric scooters adopt front and rear brake configurations. On the basis of the front brake as the main brake component, the rear wheel foot brake is added for emergency braking, which can effectively improve driving safety.

In addition, the type of scooter tires will also affect the driving experience. At present, most of the tires on the market are solid tires or pneumatic tires. The former is more durable but affects the driving experience, and the latter has a better driving experience but has a risk of puncture. PXID has customized the inner honeycomb tires of the exclusive scooter, which is free of inflation and not afraid of perforation. It takes into account the practicality and riding experience, and the driving is more secure.

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