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London pandemic anxiety, electric scooters become the new favorite of commuting

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Commuters in London, the British capital, seem to be anxious about the epidemic and have abandoned traditional public transportation and switched to small, light and green electric scooters (E-scooter). This type of low-carbon, personal transportation usually starts at 300 pounds (about 400 US dollars), and the average speed is about 25 kilometers per hour.

Electric scooters have gradually become a frequent visitor on the streets of London. Erica Klose, a typical London-based laborer, said that the fear of the epidemic, coupled with rising environmental awareness, has prompted more and more people to switch to electric scooters.

Klose said that almost all issues are related to electrification, and joining the environmental protection camp has become a popular thing. She pointed out that the London Underground is usually too crowded in the morning at work, and the experience of using electric scooters is more comfortable, and there is no need to crowd with everyone.

London pandemic anxiety, electric scooters become the new favorite of commuting

Klose pointed out that she is happy to register as an electric scooter user and purchase related insurance. She thinks this is a trend in the future, just like owning a car in the past. The British Transport Minister Grant Shapps officially launched the rental service of electric scooters in May, and the system will be officially launched in the spring of 2021.

So far, electric scooters are being tested in other regions. The preliminary results can help the government determine how to legalize this technology. Itzik Ben Aharon, general manager of 8Tev, an electric scooter industry, said that the British government should change regulations as soon as possible so that people can use electric scooters safely on public roads.

One user, Kwame Darko-Obiri, felt "bizarre" that electric scooters could not be used legally on the street. He thinks he is safe, and he also wears a helmet; he not only puts on the safety device, but also only drives on the bicycle lane, because this tool is as safe as a bicycle, and even more secure.