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‘Blunt’ Facebook police warning for Isle of Wight E-Scooter users

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Hampshire Constabulary has issued a warning, after an e-scooter was apparently photographed on Newport’s dual carriageway and others were seen on pavements.

Last week, a 12-month trial project saw the launch of a fleet of 25 electric scooters in Newport.

More than a hundred other e-scooters will appear in other Island locations in the coming weeks.

An app called Beryl is behind the project, in conjunction with the Isle of Wight Council and the government.

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  • E-Scooters arrive on Isle of Wight with free trips for NHS staff
  • E-scooters allowed on Britain’s roads 

Signing up to use the app also verifies your age and driving licence.

In a social media message, Isle of Wight police are warning they will seize privately-owned e-scooters (if they are used on public land) and will deal with anyone misusing a hired one.

Sergeant Radford said on the Isle of Wight Police Facebook page: “I have seen concerning pictures online, with them being used on the dual carriageway, pavements and other areas.

“Changes have been made to the law so that e-scooters that are hired are legal to use in a public place, with some exceptions.

“I am aware of occasions where this has not been followed.

“I have also witnessed issues myself this weekend, whilst I was off duty.

“Not adhering to the law and rules will put the trial in jeopardy.

“I am going to be blunt, as it is important you understand the current law.”

While wearing a helmet is optional, but advised, police say there are some specific rules and laws to be aware of.

'Blunt' Facebook police warning for Isle of Wight E-Scooter users

Using a personal e-scooter

  • Police say they cannot be used in a public place, only on private land

What happens if you use it on public land?

  • Your scooter will be seized
  • You will be charged a recovery and daily storage fee
  • You may receive points on your licence and a fine
  • You may receive 6 points and a £300 fine for ‘having no insurance’
  • You may be sent to court
  • Depending on the circumstances, it could take you over 12 points (a driving ban)

What about hiring one?

  • An e-scooter is classified as a Personal Light Electric Vehicle
  • You can use it on a road, or in a designated cycle lane
  • The Beryl scooters have a maximum speed of 12.5 mph
  • You are liable to (almost) the same restrictions as someone who uses a car or motorbike

You can’t:

  • Ride it on a pavement
  • Use it on the dual carriageway
  • Do stunts
  • Carry passengers
  • ‘Drink or drug’ drive
  • Use a mobile phone