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Are you supposed to allow your children to ride electric scooters?

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Like almost anything, electric scooters can be safe or dangerous depending on the operator.

The technology powering Green electric scooters has advanced to the point where it is extremely safe in comparison to where they were in the past. Nowadays, you will find electric scooters with world-class braking technology, improved speed restriction, and even better balance. All of these new advancements have made electric scooters extremely safe and viable even for the most uncoordinated or inexperienced kids.

For instance, the Raine One electric scooter is one that has been made to feature a wide deck. This has made it much easier for anyone riding it to maintain their balance without necessarily needing to have excellent balance. Along with this, the scooter has a built-in speed limiter which makes it possible to set the maximum speed before anyone stepping foot on the scooter.

One of the biggest parts of the safety puzzle is ensuring that the electric scooter is meant for the age range of your child. A lot of the manufacturers you will find are in agreement that children under 8 shouldn’t use a scooter without direct adult supervision.

Any children that are over the age of 8 will have a lot of different options available to choose from that include a variety of features. Some of the top features would be those that include speed restrictions, advanced gyroscopic balance technology, and a lot of other features that can be scaled either up to down based on the rider’s limitations, age, and experience.

Along with this, you want to ensure that you are giving your children everything they need to ride safely in regards to the safety gear they can wear during the operation.

You shouldn’t allow your children to ride a bike without an appropriate fitting helmet nor should you allow them to ride a scooter. Instead, you want to protect them as well as possible not only with a properly fitting helmet but also with pads and everything for protection while they are getting started.

Are you supposed to allow your children to ride electric scooters?

Getting a quality helmet along with knee pads and elbow pads can do wonders for children who are just getting started with learning how to ride an electric scooter.

Don’t forget the right footwear. Believe it or not, but finding the right shoes can play a big role in determining how safe your child is on an electric scooter. You will find athletic shoes that feature grippy rubber soles that can help them balance much easier. Another good thing to look out for is the shoes that have a fastening solution rather than shoelaces as they could get caught in the scooter during operation.

What Other Precautions Should You Take?

Along with making sure that the scooter itself is safe to operate, there is a range of other safety precautions you should be taking, as well.

To begin, you want to ensure that you are checking the scooter itself before allowing them to step on. You want to do this each time they are about to operate it.

While this surely isn’t something that you will enjoy doing, it can help to keep your child safe because you can spot issues with the scooter that might make it unsafe to operate. Implement this as a “pre-riding” checklist and you should be able to help your child remember to ask you before riding. This can help keep your kid out of the emergency room.

Here is a good Pre-Ride Checklist To Follow:

1. Visual Inspection

First, you want to visually inspect the entire scooter from front to back. Ensure nothing is loose and that would impede normal operation.

2. Ensure Its Charged

Look to ensure the electric battery system has been fully recharged.

3. Check Tyres

You want to check the tires to ensure they are fully inflated and ready to go.

4. Check Handlebars

Check to ensure the handlebars are tight and easy to control. Also, ensure they are capable of reaching their full range of motion without impedance.

By following the checklist above, you should feel confident in allowing your child to step on and begin riding.

It’s not a bad idea to hop on the scooter yourself to give it a test drive before handing the scooter over to your kids.

That way, you can feel fully confident that they will be able to ride safely and you can have the peace of mind you need to avoid the incessant worrying you might otherwise be forced to endure.