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Worksop man attempts trip across USA on a mobility scooter

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Thomas Stanniland set out from Los Angeles, California, on November 16 planning to complete his almost 3,000 mile journey in New York City in about a month.

Youtuber Thomas is well-known for his crazy antics including one in which he sent a burger to outer space from Sheffield - which landed 100 miles away inside Colchester United’s stadium.

Thomas, who describes himself as an “amateur crazy man”, plans to cover about 100 miles per day during the American trip - stopping at hotels and motels for sleep en-route.

He said: “I’ve always wanted to cross America so I thought I’d do it in style.

“No one has ever crossed the whole country in a mobility scooter before - so I hope to be the first.”

“The scooter goes up to 15 miles an hour on flat ground but it’s not very fast uphill so I might struggle in some places.

Worksop man attempts trip across USA on a mobility scooter

Thomas has chosen to travel light for his epic trip - with just a few clothes, water, a puncture repair kit, a few tools and some extra screws.

I also have a good old American flag hanging off the back,” he said.

He added: “I’m wearing shorts and t-shirt at the moment because I’m in LA but I have extra layers for when I get to colder climates.

“I’ll probably need to stop and buy a warmer jacket before I reach New York - I hear it gets pretty cold there in December.”

Less than a week into his journey Thomas has already experienced battery problems with his mobility scooter so he was forced to stop and to get a generator.

“I didn’t want to get stranded in the desert so I had to make sure I have enough power to get me from place to place.

“I expect that hills, poor roads and bad weather like snow will be a problem later on - we’ll see what happens.”

More of Thomas' antics can be seen on his YouTube channel Killem.