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Bounce Electric Scooter Approved By Government: Test Ride Registrations Begin

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The Bengaluru-based ride-sharing platform, Bounce, has announced that it is ready to kickstart its EV operations in the country. The company will be soon introducing its self-made EV scooters to its ride-sharing fleet in the country.

Vivekananda HR, Co-Founder & CEO, recently tweeted saying "Our retrofit EV is ready 🙂 we got our approvals. This Saturday limited test rides at CCD Ashoka Pillar. Come on a Bounce and test ride the next-gen Bounce EVs 🙂 Dm me ;)"

The company has received the necessary approvals from the government to introduce its self-made electric scooter in the country. As a result, it has invited users and fans to test ride these retro-fitted scooters, which will soon be added to its existing fleet of two-wheelers.

According to the tweet from the CEO of the company, the test ride for the self-made Bounce scooter will start from November 28, 2020. The first phase of the test ride will be held in Bengaluru at a Cafe Coffee Day next to Ashoka Pillar in Jaynagar.

The Bounce self-made scooter initially started as a conventional petrol-powered scooter, in this case, the TVS Scooty Zest. However, to encourage the use of EVs across the country, the ride-sharing company has decided to convert these petrol-powered scooters into electric scooters.

Bounce Electric Scooter Approved By Government: Test Ride Registrations Begin

The conversion to electric-scooter has been done by using a retro-fit e-powertrain kit, which replaces the petrol engine and transmission. The company is yet to announce the details of the retrofitted electric powertrain in terms of charge time and the driving range on a single battery charge.

We expect these self-made Bounce electric scooters to feature a good amount of riding range with some form of fast charging technology. This will help attract more users to EV scooters, without having range anxiety while using the service.

The company had already received the homologation certification for its self-made electric scooter from International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) two months ago. The homologation certification process covers every part of the e-scooter including components like lamps, mirrors, tires and more.

The certification process also includes strict checks for braking mechanism and other electronic fittings. The self-made electric-scooter has managed to pass in each of the above-mentioned checks and is now ready for its real-world test at the hands of the end-user.

Thoughts About The Bounce-Made Electric Scooter In India

The electric scooter is entirely assembled or retro-fitted by Bounce. The company seems to be using its existing fleet of petrol-powered scooters to make the EVs. Apart from the regular user-based rental service, the company will also look to cater to delivery and e-commerce companies to supply scooters for last-mile use.