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Madurai college student designs solar-powered electric cycle

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A third-year student of BSc Physics from Madurai has designed an electric bicycle which can run on battery and solar power. M Dhanush Kumar, a student at The American College, designed the unique bicycle, which is powered by a 24 volt and 26 ampere battery. If the battery is recharged, the bicycle can run for at least 30 km. It has a usable solar panel with a capacity of 24 volts and 12 amps.

“I came up with the concept when I studied the subject of energy physics and as to how electric and solar-powered vehicles are the future for us. I managed to procure the parts and was able to finish it now,” said Dhanush Kumar.

Madurai college student designs solar-powered electric cycle

The bicycle can run for up to 50 km continuously with the help of the solar panel and go up to a maximum speed of 30 km per hour. It is first designed to run on battery and then run on solar energy. The bicycle can also be pedaled when solar power is low.

“The advantage is that, while normally battery-powered chargeable bicycles can cover only around 30 km in a time, this bicycle, with the help of the solar panel can provide the power for the bicycle to run up to 50 km,” explained Dhanush Kumar. The bicycle was designed by Dhanush Kumar with the guidance and help of his physics professors.