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17 per cent of cyclists would consider buying an e-bike if government reduces the cost

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New figures suggest that 17 per cent of cyclists would consider buying an e-bike if the prices were cut by the government.

Over four thousand people took part in the survey, carried out by the #BikeIsBest campaign in September 2020, and the figures show that British people seem keen on the idea of e-bikes.

The trend appears to match attitudes in Europe too, after huge market growth in both the Netherlands and Germany.

In the UK, 53 per cent of people surveyed said their opinion of e-bikes had improved as the began to see the benefits.

The statistics also revealed that 12 per cent of the people who took part already own an e-bike, while 17.1 per cent said they would consider it with the new suggested government subsidy.

Adam Tranter, Founder of #BikeIsBest and Bicycle Mayor for Coventry, said: “E-bikes have been a long time coming but it’s finally looking like the British public are ready to embrace them.

17 per cent of cyclists would consider buying an e-bike if government reduces the cost

“Interest is increasing with a wider awareness of their benefits through mainstream media, amongst other channels. In other countries such as the Netherlands and Germany, the potential is being realised, and now it’s our turn.

“We know that high quality e-bikes come with what many will consider as a considerable cost, but like with electric cars, a subsidy is expected to stimulate the market.

“It’s great for the industry to see the potential here with 17 per cent saying they would consider buying an e-bike if there was an e-bike subsidy available.”

This research comes after a report in The Times said that the government were looking to reduce e-bike prices by over 35 per cent if the scheme went ahead to help kick-start a “golden age of cycling.”

E-bikes are a big benefit to people who are less fit or slightly older so they get back in the saddle in a push to make the UK a healthier nation.

The government has also released the latest batch of free £50 bike repair vouchers, that have proven extremely popular.

E-bikes differ from regular bikes as they are powered by an onboard motor and battery, with the power currently limited by law to 250 watts, while e-bikes in the UK must not exceed 25km/h (15mph).