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Strong ability, light weight, street bully in two wheel electric vehicle-Yadi Guanneng M6 Mini

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In fact, two wheeled electric vehicles are the same as cars. Cars with strong power and good endurance are bound to be larger and heavier. However, small and delicate models are often worse in this respect. Just like a car and a jeep, each has its own strengths, different models and different uses. However, the difference between two wheeled electric vehicles and cars is that cars only need to consider the size of parking spaces and whether it is good to park. However, it is difficult for girls to support, move, and store electric vehicles. What if a girl wants a light and beautiful car with better power and endurance?

Yadi Guanneng M6 mini, the street bully in two wheeled electric vehicles, is equipped with TTFAR 7-level extended range system. It has double breakthroughs in power and endurance.Its core power is impeccable. At the same time, ingenious design results in small and beautiful shape, 1730mm * 710mm body size, round lines outline the classic shape, lovely and retro complement each other, the center of gravity is reduced. Even women with petite stature can ride on their feet on the ground. There is no pressure to get in and out of high-rise elevators.

TTFAR 7-level extended range system is composed of seven core components, including TTFAR motor, TTFAR graphene battery and TTFAR energy recovery controller, as well as TTFAR electric energy monitoring instrument, TTFAR low rolling resistance tire, TTFAR resistance reducing cable and TTFAR low windage car body, aiming to create "true technology true far". Under the condition of carrying the same volume of lead-acid battery, the ordinary vehicle can only last 70km in a single charge. The longest range of Guanneng series products equipped with Yadi TTFAR 7-level extended range system has reached 122km. The performance of Guanneng M6 Mini is not the style of "small" series at all. It is unexpectedly strong.

Strong ability, light weight, street bully in two wheel electric vehicle-Yadi Guanneng M6 Mini

On the premise of abundant power and long endurance, Guanneng M6 mini electric vehicle has created a light and lovely appearance with humanized design and convenient use. High definition liquid crystal display instrument panel, with the exclusive energy ring of crown energy series, will automatically switch colors according to the power consumption, and can be clearly displayed in different light conditions at night and day. LED lens headlamp, about 20° visual range, combined with annular daytime light, can illuminate the road ahead regardless of night and day and reduce risk. At the same time, large bucket design, helmet Sunglasses all can be put. With 570mm high resilience sponge saddle, it is warm and comfortable, and can effectively support the body weight. It is comfortable to do whatever you do.

In addition, the two in one charging port, push-pull lock cover design, good concealment, can also prevent children from accidentally touching danger. The safety P gear prevents the wrong touch of the rotating handle to avoid the runaway phenomenon caused by improper operation. Flip front hook, maximum load 25kg, daily bag can also be elegant storage. Many details of the design "Lady friendly", labor-saving double support, a light step can steadily support the vehicle, is more intimate and convenient.

Lightweight car also has strong endurance strength, Yadi Guanneng M6 mini, to build a happy life.