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This electric bikehas started to upgrade!Are you still riding a normal electric bike?

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Winter arrived, annual electric bike battery big test should begin again!

I believe that we have more or less encountered the following situation: electric bike battery is clearly fully charged, why not run far?In a hurry to get out of the house, but the e-bike can't move on due to low power?

Whenever this time each bike owner may have started all kinds of speculation and suspicion: electric bike battery is not bad?Is there something wrong with the charger?

In fact, your electric bike does not necessarily have a problem, the real "problem" is often the battery.Its temper can be unpredictable, winter is afraid of cold, summer is afraid of heat, if not bikeful may also fire explosion.In winter, as the temperature drops, the activity of various substances in the batteries of electric vehicles will decrease, and the storage capacity will also become worse.Take lead-acid batteries for example. When the temperature is about 25℃, the battery can normally store electricity and discharge it to the maximum extent.Below 15℃, the battery charging capacity and storage capacity are only two thirds of the normal ambient temperature or lower.This results in a significant reduction in mileage.

Faced with such a wayward battery, ordinary users can only accept it in silence.According to public data, there are more than 250 million electric two-wheeled vehicles in China. However, a large number of users have also exposed many problems, such as short battery life, difficulty in charging, insecurity, etc. Every year, there are not a few accidents caused by the charging problem of electric two-wheeled vehicles.

This electric bikehas started to upgrade!Are you still riding a normal electric bike?

A number of problems indicate that the electric vehicle industry is in urgent need of an upgrade and transformation, and it is in this environment that electric conversion comes into people's vision.

In the cold winter, when ordinary electric vehicle users are worried about greatly reduced mileage, users who choose electricity changing service can only click the APP, scan the QR code, open the battery compartment, and complete an electricity changing operation in 10 seconds.As long as it is within the range of Changcheng electrical changing network, it can be easily changed.

When the ordinary electric vehicle users are still worried about the battery maintenance in winter, the owners who choose the electric change service just put the battery into the electric change cabinet, and the electric change cabinet will start to charge and maintain the battery automatically. When the battery is in the hands of the user, it is a battery with full power and good performance.

Not only that, for many electric bicycle owners, when you are busy over a day, riding electric bikes back home to give electric bikes to replenish energy, but also faced with a new problem: put the battery in the house to charge is too dangerous, in case of fire and explosion consequences unimaginable;Flying wire charging is also not desirable;More communities do not let electric bikes in...

And the user that chooses to change electric service at this time, can put battery into nearby change electric cabinet, park good bike to use small program to lock a bike to be able to enjoy rest time at ease, no longer have trouble back home!

To replace, through interaction, perception, intelligent analysis, intelligent electrical changing cabinet system, to effectively solve the problem of ev battery life to ensure the safety of ev users, this is the electricity changing mode of convenience and peace of mind.