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STILRIDE shows an origami electric car made of folded steel plates

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In the booming era of electric cars, some start-ups realize that the field is crowded and they need to find a way to stand out. Some of them choose to claim crazy electric range or science fiction, while others focus entirely on design.

This is the case with STILRIDE, a young Swedish company, which is developing an electric motorcycle that looks like an origami elegant style.

This new concept of personal mobility is designed by using robot origami( LIGHT.FOLD )To fold the structure, so that it fully conforms to the characteristics and geometric properties of materials, so that the manufacturing of light electric vehicles has a revolutionary change. LIGHT.FOLD technology can realize the automation of steel plate bending.

STILRIDE shows an origami electric car made of folded steel plates

The company also claims that the metal folding method greatly reduces production costs and raw materials, while being more environmentally friendly. STILRIDE estimates that the technology can save 20-50% hardware and 25-45% labor compared to traditional production.

To emphasize the advantages of its process, STILRIDE developed an electric motorcycle concept with a frame / body made of stainless steel. The prototype car is equipped with an engine at the rear wheel. On the other hand, its designers explained that they chose to equip them with larger diameter wheels and front / rear suspension of bicycles for better driving pleasure.

There seems to be a long way to go for the marketable and finished products, but there is still hope.