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Bolt plans to roll out electric scooters and electric bikes in 100 European cities

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Mobile platform Bolt has announced plans to bring its micro service to more than 100 cities by 2021. The company will operate 130,000 scooters and e-bikes next year which will make it Europe's largest operator of Shared light electric vehicles.

The Miami-Beach-based electric scooter company, co-founded by Markus Villig, will invest more than €100m (£90m; $118m) to develop its micro-mobility business and make customised scooters and bikes. Bolt unveiled its first model of a custom electric scooter in 2020.

Villig said in a statement: "We have seen that one of the biggest bottlenecks in the transition to Shared electric mobility is price, which is why we are delighted to bring affordable scooters and e-bikes into the next European season, including in the UK."

Bolt plans to roll out electric scooters and electric bikes in 100 European cities

The company says scooters are sustainable because they are modular in design, easy to maintain, have an estimated service life of up to five years and are fully recyclable.

"Our cities suffer from insufficient traffic, emissions and public space due to parking. We see the future of urban transportation as on-demand networks -- ride-hailing, electric scooters, bicycles and other light vehicles, "Said Villiger.

In September Bolt pledged to have a positive impact on the climate (another term for negative carbon) in its electric scooters by the end of 2020. Bolt says it will support the production of electric scooters by manufacturing and maintaining companies that emit more carbon from the atmosphere.

This year, Bolt has expanded its micro-transport service to 45 cities in 15 countries, including Sweden, France and Portugal. The mobility platform created the e-bike sharing service, becoming Europe's first on-demand transport platform, which classifies e-bikes, scooters and ride-hailing services under one brand in an app.

Matt Barrie, Country manager for Bolt Rental UK and Ireland, said: "Bolt is supporting national and local legislatures as they take the necessary steps to fully legalise electric scooters in the UK and Ireland.

"Bolt's unique multi-mode customer proposition will unlock great value by providing urban residents with the right sustainable transportation options to move quickly, safely and affordably around their cities."