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Vodafone is powering the Loop’s electric scooter through the Internet of Things

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Vodafone Qatar is powering its smart scooter sharing service through Loop Mobility, a Qatari start-up that supports innovation through the Internet of Things (IoT).

The company has tailored its Internet of Things solution to meet the Loop's need to launch hundreds of electric scooters in Doha that can be used by anyone.

Users can use the Loop mobile app to find a nearby Loop electric scooter in real time and park it in a safe place during the ride. The Loop, currently available at West Bay and Binhai Road, will help improve public transport accessibility by addressing Doha's First and last Mile challenges.

The Pre-installed Vodafone IoT SIM card ensures that the Loop is continuously connected to a fleet of more than 500 smart scooters through a Web-based dashboard. The Loop allows the Loop team to track their electric scooters, monitor their condition and batteries, and bring them back to the docking station for the next ride.

The core of the service is Vodafone connection platform. This is a secure self-service platform which can simplify IoT management and control the IoT make Loop can see completely scooter.

Vodafone is powering the Loop's electric scooter through the Internet of Things

Commenting on the partnership with Loop Mobility, Mahday Saad al-Hebabi, Vodafone Qatar Commercial Services Director, said: "Vodafone Qatar is pleased to support Qatari start-ups with our advanced Internet of Things services and leading expertise. It is another example of how Vodafone is helping the country's technology innovators to succeed in the digital world. This partnership with Loop Mobility will help Qatar adopt smart transportation innovations, and the future of urban transportation looks very promising.

The Internet of Things will play a vital role in smart cities, especially smart transportation, enabling driverless cars and other connected solutions to reduce emissions and improve efficiency, in line with Qatar's National Vision 2030.

Mohamed al-Mohannadi, Loop CEO, said, "We want to bring the transportation revolution to the Qatari market and see our green mode of transportation move people all over Qatar. The Loop could not have done this without Vodafone Qatar's strong and reliable connectivity solutions and expertise.

The Vodafone team built Internet of Things services based on our specific needs and found digital solutions to various challenges. We hope our electric scooter will attract people to use this service to help reduce emissions and protect our environment.

Secure and scalable Vodafone Internet of Things solutions can create sustainable, long-term competitive advantages for businesses to create new connected products or services and to digitize and optimize their operations. 5G technology will use its increased bandwidth to drive IoT adaptability to connect more devices and transmit data in real time.