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This is what experts call the “ideal” look of an electric scooter

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Electric scooters seem to be everywhere these days, thanks in large part to companies like Bird and Lime that share scooters. But just because modern electric scooters are ubiquitous doesn't mean their appearance is truly ideal.Turns out, there's a better way. At least that's what the team at Teague, a consultancy, thought, and their model looks convincing.

As you can see below, the first thing they did was switch from standing scooters to sitting scooters.

This not only makes the vehicle more stable by lowering the centre of gravity, but also brings the rider's line of sight closer to other pedestrians. This helps eliminate the psychological imbalance, akin to SUV drivers towering over other cars.

Sitting on an electric scooter doesn't make the scooter driver's head higher than the pedestrian, it actually makes everyone at a higher level.

Subsequently, the wheel size of scooters has been greatly increased.

Many electric scooters have wheels in the 7-8.5 inch range. Although some electric scooters have started with larger diameter wheels, they are still rare. Larger wheels help improve safety and comfort by making it easier to overcome roadblocks.

This is what experts call the "ideal" look of an electric scooter

In addition to improving security, other features have been added to improve usability.

A bag hook is provided under the seat to help fill and utilize the open frame design. It also reduces the weight of the bag on the rider's shoulder and reduces the vehicle's center of gravity. Sometimes new riders on standing scooters are thrown off by the weight of their luggage, and eliminating baggage balancing altogether can help prevent such accidents.
The rack hooks are designed to lock when the bracket is lifted, both securing the bags and encouraging the rider to park the scooter properly (i.e. not on the side). If you want to put your bag back, you must park your scooter on its stand.

That stent, by the way, seems to be a double stent. This will reduce the chance of the scooter toppling over, and other popular Shared electric scooters have adopted this design recently.

A rear-mounted luggage rack has also been added for carrying items of various shapes, as well as luggage that the rider does not carry with him.

While I enjoy the thrill of standing scooters, I definitely prefer to take longer trips on a seated scooter.

Not only are they more comfortable, but they're also simpler, feel more stable and less stressful to ride. I like standing pedal scooters for the same reason I like horseback riding - they can be exciting and sometimes even unpredictable.

To me, a sit-mounted electric scooter with larger wheels and built-in storage solutions seems like a natural progression for electric scooters. Bird's moped has gone that far, but I think I prefer the Teague version because it's more practical.