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Parma has introduced new rules for electric scooters

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Parma city Hall's revised regulations on personal moving Vehicles (PMV) came into effect on Friday. The department of Motor Vehicles says the revised regulations will improve the visibility of these vehicles such as electric scooters and road safety.

Scooters are an "ally" of sustainable transport, said Francesc Dalmau, deputy mayor of sustainable transport, but traffic regulations need to be updated. These will improve safety for users and pedestrians, while allowing scooters to share road and street space at a new speed limit of 30 km per hour.

"One of the big changes is that Parma has transformed itself into a city that can travel at 30 kilometers per hour and make things like scooters viable on the road," Dalmau said in an observation on Friday. PMV can be used on roads with low speed limits and bike lanes that do not exceed 25 km/h. They must travel in the same direction as other traffic.

Parma has introduced new rules for electric scooters

From now on, lights must always be turned on to enhance visibility, and users will have to wear reflective clothing that is high enough to be seen. Helmets are recommended, as well as civil liability insurance. Do not ride more than one person on an electric scooter (or other PMV).

The amendment brings the provisions of Palma into line with the definition of PMV proposed by the State Administration of Transport. A vehicle with one or more wheels, a single seat, powered only by an electric motor and with a maximum speed (depending on the design) 25 kilometers per hour.

Since July 2019, Parma has enacted regulations on PMV that explicitly prohibit their use in sidewalks, plazas, parks or gardens, and other public places for pedestrians only.

Current regulations also stipulate that PMVS must have bells, braking systems, lights and approved reflectors so that they can be seen from a distance of 150 meters. The minimum age of users is 15.