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Voro Motors is about to launch an epic high-speed and long-range electric scooter

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Voro Automotive, Based in California, is one of several leading electric scooter dealers in the United States. Their initial lineup of scooters peaked at 25 MPH (40 km/h) and the upcoming Voro Motors Roadster will double that speed.

If you're already familiar with Voro Motors, it's probably due to the company's popular EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter.

Not only is the model a best-seller, it also has some hot specs including a 62-mile (100-kilometer) range, thanks to its 1.6-kwh battery pack.

But it wasn't just the 62-mile (100km) range that impressed the Voro Motors Roadster. The scooter will also have two all-wheel drive engines, with a top speed of 50 MPH (80 km/h).

Even without using the maximum speed of Roadster, the dual suspension may allow the scooter to travel comfortably at cruising speeds. And its two-wheel hydraulic disc brakes should also help the rider get back to the ground (and stop) quickly.

Voro Motors is about to launch an epic high-speed and long-range electric scooter

We don't have a lot of images of the upcoming electric scooters yet, but we want them to have a similar look to popular double-back scooters like Apollo Pro, Turbowheel Lightning, and Mantis.

Voro Motors gave us exclusive renderings that show familiar shapes and can also indicate other features such as single rods with medium to high lighting and lower deck lighting. The image appears to show a carbon fiber battery case, a carbon fiber rear fender and a Zoom hydraulic disc brake.

The arms also appear to have red LED side lights, an important safety consideration for visibility at night.

We have no information yet on the price of The Voro Motors Roadster, nor do we have a final technical specification. But the company has proven itself to be a reliable dealer in the past, so we are happy to see what they will offer as the scooters approach production.