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Indian e-bike company AlphaVector has launched its first e-bike named Meraki

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Indian startup AlphaVector has announced the Meraki of Ninety One, its first electric bike in The country.The e-bike, priced at $29,999 without a license, is aimed at India's growing e-bike market.

AlphaVector has set foot in the global e-bike market, which is expected to exceed $38.6 billion by 2025.Meraki will be launched in Mumbai, Bengal, Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad, according to the company.

The Meraki is equipped with a 250W, IP65, BLDC motor with a top speed of 25kmph.The lithium-ion battery with 6.36AH will last 750 charges and come with a one-year warranty.The company claims that a person can fully charge the battery in 2.5 hours and travel up to 35km on a full charge.

For safety, the Meraki is equipped with an electronic brake with an automatic brake cutoff.The key switch helps to avoid tampering and mischief, because you can't open a bike without a key.It has four driving modes: pedal assist, throttle, cruise and pedal.The throttle mode enables the e-bike to ride without pedaling.

Indian e-bike company AlphaVector has launched its first e-bike named Meraki

Designed and developed internally by AlphaVector, Meraki is available in more than 350 cities in India through the company's retail network of more than 700 stores and online through the company's website.It will offer a variety of colors and styles, such as black-red and silver-gray.The Meraki also features a unique display, including a battery level display and PAS mode control, as well as ergonomically designed buttons.The company claims the bike is made of high-strength steel, which helps reduce the weight of the frame.The bike now weighs 22 kilograms.

Recently, the company has seen a 2.5 times increase in monthly revenue and a 15 per cent demand satisfaction rate over the past six months.It plans to increase supply in the coming months, meeting its target of 300CR ARR (annual revenue rate) next year.AlphaVector has received support from Fireside Ventures, Avaana Capital and Titan Capital.

Mr. Vishal Chopra, Co-founder of AlphaVector said: "We are pleased to announce the launch of our flagship e-bike in India, which we believe is experiencing a cycling revolution.While the epidemic has piqued consumer interest in bicycles, innovation and customer focus will be a game changer for the industry.With the launch of this e-bike, we are redoubling our efforts for each rider to make each ride better than the last.We are also committed to contributing to the use of e-bikes in India under the Indian Government's initiative to introduce smart mobility, and ultimately to building smarter, more sustainable cities for citizens."