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British electric bicycle chain Pure Electric opens shop in France

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Paris, France – British Omni-channel company Pure Electric will open its first French store in Paris at the end of November. Damien Barilko has been appointed chief executive of Pure Electric France with the task of opening several new stores in France in the next few years. Two new facilities are planned to be opened by the beginning of 2021, one of which is in Lyon.

Pure Electric is well known in the UK and started its business by selling electric scooters online. Over the past few years, the company founded by Adam Norris has changed its vision by investing in physical stores, including the purchase of 11 Cycle Republic stores from the Halford Group.

Pure Electric has also invested in electric bikes and now operates 13 stores in England and Scotland. The fourteenth store should soon open in Cardiff, Wales. "The idea is to develop a physical store network by combining electric scooters with electric bicycles. We think these products can complement each other very well. " Damien Barilko told BIKEéco, a French bicycle industry magazine.

British electric bicycle chain Pure Electric opens shop in France

In France, Damien Barilko explains that the goal is to open about 10 stores in the next 18 months, including three in Paris. The first 200 square meter floor will be located on one of the two most visited boulevards by cyclists. The store will open at the end of November, but the lock-in measures announced by the French government could lead to delays.

According to the French chief executive, the store will offer about 20 models of electric scooters and about 40 types of electric bicycles. With regard to brands, Pure Electric can start with Orbea and Raleigh, the two brands the company works with in the UK. At present, the retail chain is discussing with other international brands.

In addition, Pure Electric will provide many services, such as maintenance, financing, delivery and click to pick up. Stores will also focus on selling accessories with safety products, including gloves, helmets, locks, luggage, etc.