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Ride On has been announced as a partner in leicester’s new electric bike scheme

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Leicester City Council has announced that specialist e-bike rental provider Ride On will become a partner in its forthcoming e-bike Share scheme.

The scheme, known as Santander Cycling Leicester, will hire 500 e-bikes at 50 locations in leicester city centre.This will make Santander Leicester the UK's largest parking e-bike rental scheme.

Efforts are under way to create docking stations where the bikes will be charged, with a public sale planned for next spring.

Deputy Mayor for environment and transport, Cllr Adam Clarke, said: "We are delighted to appoint Ride On as our operator and to bring this scheme to Leicester.

"The plan will be low cost and very easy to use, people will be able to pick up the e-bikes at stops and charge them when not in use.

"The coronavirus pandemic meant that we had to delay the launch of the programme, but it gave us the opportunity to test it before its public release next spring.

"We also know that the pandemic has created more interest in cycling, so we will be able to use this momentum to launch the programme.

Ride On has been announced as a partner in leicester's new electric bike scheme

"Since 2012, we have invested more than £70 million to create bike-friendly streets, humanised public squares, public transport hubs and cycle lanes on major roads.Recently, we led the country in installing nearly 11 miles of new bike and walking routes in just 10 weeks to help people get around safely during the coronavirus crisis.

"Santander Cycling Leicester builds on our commitment to cycling by helping people from all over the community to cycle.It was an exciting project and an important part of Lester's recovery.I'm really looking forward to seeing these e-bikes used all over the city."

The £600,000 project was funded by a partnership made up of Leicester City Council, which successfully bid for the Department for Transport's "Transformational Cities" fund - sponsored by The UK's Santander Bank - with operator Ride On and its delivery partners providing additional investment in Enzen Global.

Ride On was originally a Spanish startup offering an e-bike sharing program in Spain, but is now available worldwide.It works with sustainability advocate Enzen Global to support green solutions and innovation around the world.

Ride On already has a Shared e-bike scheme in Miami and will soon be rolled out in Dundee and Leicester.

Santander Leicester will cover the city centre and surrounding areas.To ensure hygiene, the maintenance team at Ride On will disinfect all equipment daily and advise users to use hand sanitizer or gloves while riding their bikes.

People will be able to register online or at a roadside kiosk, buy the plan according to their needs, then use a smartphone or key card to unlock the bike and start riding.One-day passes and membership tickets can be used to help people get a full tour of the city.

Ride On has been announced as a partner in leicester's new electric bike scheme

The scheme aims to achieve social inclusion and offers discounts and incentives to help ensure that the Santander Leicester is an affordable option for everyone.

Dan Sherwood, marketing director at Santander UK, said: "We are very proud to be supporting this pioneering initiative by Leicester City Council and we are excited about the possibilities this innovative e-bike scheme will create for the citizens of Leicester."

Miguel Vital, CHIEF Executive of Ride On, said: "For Ride On, I am honoured to be the operator and manager of the Leicester City Council bike Share programme and to have the support of Santander UK.Today, we begin a journey that will make Leicester a smarter city in terms of transport and contribute to making it a landmark in environmental sustainability.

"Our system is a highly innovative docked e-bike scheme, which means that in addition to allowing fleets to be organised and parked only at our stations, e-bikes are effectively charged.The end result means we can optimize our time, cost and environmental footprint.An experience that everyone will enjoy!"

Manish Jamthe, CHIEF executive of Enzen UK, said: "As a multinational company born in the Midlands, we are taking the opportunity to work with Ride On to support Leicester's transformation into one of the UK's leading, sustainable and intelligent cities.In the future.We are excited by the Council's energy and commitment to achieve this objective.The residents of Leicester will benefit not only from affordable and healthy transport, but also from cleaner air and a greener city.

Leicester City Council has secured nearly £8m from the Transformational Cities Fund for a range of major projects.In addition to the bike-sharing scheme, these include developing better walking and cycling routes and upgrading to electric buses in Birstall Park and on bus routes.

In May, the city Council developed a COVID-19 Transport Recovery plan, which sets out how Leicester's transport system can best respond to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, help the city's economic recovery and ensure long-term environmental benefits.The e-bike sharing program is a key part of the plan.

Stops will be offered at locations including St Margaret's bus station, which will soon be completely rebuilt as a carbon-neutral building, Leicester Railway Station and the innovation centre at DE Montfort University.