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City commuting, commuting 20 km each way, what appropriate electric vehicles are recommended?

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If it is not a first-tier city, the distance of 20 kilometers is relatively far.Instead of specific recommendations for electric bikes, I'd like to remind you to consider the following factors when choosing an electric bike, which will directly determine your mood and productivity during the commute.

Determine the type of electric vehicle purchased

Under the new national standard, two-wheeled electric vehicles will be allowed on the roads, including electric bicycles, electric mopeds and electric scooters.Among them, e-bikes are generally equipped with 48V/12A-20A batteries, with an average range of 30-50km, which is only enough for you to travel back and forth in a day.With the natural deterioration of subsequent battery performance, not even a round trip can be held.Therefore, it is recommended to choose the electric motorcycle with larger battery capacity and longer battery life.The motorcycle is usually equipped with a 60V/20A-35A or 72V/ 20a-35A battery with an average range of 60-100km.

How does electric rub choose specifically?

City commuting, commuting 20 km each way, what appropriate electric vehicles are recommended?

After determining the choice of electric motorcycle, you also need to understand that electric motorcycle is divided into electric motorcycle and electric portable motorcycle, these two cars in the new national standard on the board management regulations have an obvious difference.Among them, electric motorcycles need to be on the yellow card, and to buy compulsory insurance and F license driver's license.Although electric mopeds also need to purchase compulsory insurance in theory and hold relevant driver's license before they can be registered, the management of electric mopeds in most areas is relatively humane at present, and there will be a policy buffer period of 2-3 years.Consider from policy respect so, the proposal chooses electric light to rub preferentially, had better consult before buying of course local hand in control branch, understand clear rule.In addition, it is necessary to seriously remind: electric light motorcycle in principle can not be manned, and must wear a helmet during cycling, safety awareness to keep in mind!

What is the minimum endurance value of the electric light motorcycle?

Clear up the above two points, then focus on talking about light motorcycle electricity.First, the endurance. As mentioned above, the average endurance of an electric light motorcycle is 60-100km, but the normal range is about 70km.Considering you're 20km each way, that's 40km a day for the round trip.If you choose an ordinary model with a range of only 70km, it means that you can only ride for one and a half days at a time. If you ride to work the next day, you have to timely recharge, or you may be left halfway.In addition, the endurance of an electric vehicle needs to take into account the load, weather, road conditions and other factors on the same day. Therefore, it is considered to be more safe to choose an electric light motorcycle with a range of at least 100km.It's a 2-day ride, and if you're lucky, it's a 3-day ride.

In addition to endurance, consider comfort

Long rides test not only the endurance of light and electric bikes, but also the rider's physical strength.In order to reduce fatigue during the commute, it is recommended that you take into account such factors as body design, body height, leg space, handgrip comfort, seat cushion length and softness to measure the riding comfort of the target vehicle.