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Li battery BMS management, shared power exchange, enabling two wheel electric vehicle market

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Under the new national standard, shared motorcycles and shared power exchange, vehicle manufacturers have turned to lithium battery products, and lithium battery manufacturers have also actively joined the track to prepare for product upgrading in the two wheeled electric vehicle market.

Although there have been a lot of questions about sharing electric bicycles and exchanging electricity in the past two years, in fact, the power exchange has already appeared quietly in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Hefei and other cities. At the just concluded Nanjing electric vehicle exhibition, lithium battery enterprises signed contracts constantly on site, and the scene was extremely hot. Lithium battery products attracted the attention of major automobile manufacturers and dealers.

Under the upsurge, it is inevitable that the competition is fierce. If lithium battery enterprises want to gain a foothold in the power exchange market, they need to continuously strengthen the safety, performance and BMS management of lithium batteries according to the actual use of two wheeled electric vehicles, so as to provide users with more convenient and assured services. In order to help lithium battery enterprises better realize lithium battery management, customized services are provided according to different manufacturers and models of lithium batteries.

Li battery BMS management, shared power exchange, enabling two wheel electric vehicle market

Starting from the life cycle management of lithium battery, the remote supervision of charging, overcharging, short circuit and voltage during the use of lithium battery is realized through the battery positioning management terminal. Combined with the remote charge and discharge management and Beidou / GPS / LBS real-time positioning, on the one hand, data transmission is realized through GPS, and the battery status is checked in real time, the safety factor of the battery is greatly improved. On the other hand, dual mode positioning with a variety of alarm mechanisms to effectively prevent lithium battery theft, non return and other malicious acts.

This year, two wheel electric vehicle charging fires occur frequently. The emergence of shared power exchange will also help the government guide the public to use and exchange electricity safely. With the continuous introduction of relevant standards and policies, the electricity exchange market will continue to increase, bringing safer service and experience for the general public.