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What’s the real reason electric cars don’t get far in winter?PXID tells you the answer!

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As the temperature drops, especially in winter, many electric vehicle users will encounter such a problem, that is, electric vehicles appear the problem of not running far.So, what's the reason?In fact, this is a normal phenomenon, and there are four main reasons.

  1. Charge in low temperature environment

The first thing you need to know is that the battery capacity of an electric car varies with temperature.According to relevant test data, the optimal charging temperature of electric vehicle battery is 25 degrees, and every 10 degrees of drop, the battery capacity will decrease by 10%.This means that if the charging temperature is zero degrees Celsius, the battery capacity will drop by 25%, which means the real battery capacity of the e-bike will be one bar lower, which means the electric bike will not be able to run very far.For this kind of problem, users need to park the electric vehicle at the appropriate temperature for charging, not charging in the open low temperature environment.

What's the real reason electric cars don't get far in winter?PXID tells you the answer!

  1. Battery loss

Secondly, winter electric vehicles run not far, there may be a battery loss problem.As the temperature drops, many users like to leave their electric cars idle at home for a long time, and in fact, such parking electric cars, the battery will have self-discharge phenomenon loss.If the battery loses money, the capacity will drop so fast that the car won't go far.For such problems, users need to turn off the battery switch and charge it once a week to prevent the battery from losing money.

  1. Low tire pressure

In addition, due to the impact of the temperature drop, many electric bicycles will have low tire pressure.However, once the tire pressure is too low, the driving resistance of the electric vehicle will increase, which will affect the battery life of the electric vehicle and make the electric vehicle run not far.For this kind of problem, the user needs to pump in time to make the tire pressure in a reasonable range.

What's the real reason electric cars don't get far in winter?PXID tells you the answer!

  1. Overload driving

Finally, there may be overload driving, and cause the electric car to run not far.Why do you say that?Because under the overloaded state, the electric quantity consumed by the electric vehicle is several times that of the ordinary driving state, which means that the overloaded driving will seriously shorten the range of the electric vehicle.With a range of 50km for an electric car, an overloaded one might have a range of 30km or less.

In a word, the running distance of electric vehicles in winter is generally caused by the above four reasons.For the purpose of maintaining reasonable tire pressure, not overloading driving, not charging in low temperature environment, not letting battery loss, etc., and then can be extended to the maximum extent.