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GLM introduces the concept of electric vehicle for the elderly

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GLM, a Japanese travel company, has launched a new concept of electric scooter for elder drivers. Currently under development, the company will focus on design, as this is one of the main barriers for older people to switch from passenger cars to electric vehicles (EMS). There is a strong demand for more attractive electric vehicles with the steady growth of active and young groups of elderly people in the community. So one of the main goals of the scooter design is to raise people's desire to ride scooters.

GLM introduces the concept of electric vehicle for the elderly

With the aging of the population, traffic accidents caused by elderly drivers have become a social problem in many countries. Various measures have been taken around the world, including encouraging the voluntary return of driving licenses for older people and introducing regulations to limit the time and place of driving. GLM believes that as the elderly lose their private transportation, it is important to support them so that they can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.

GLM continues to develop this concept and strives to commercialize it by the end of 2022. The design is sculpted from a solid object (in this case, a sphere), showing kindness, comfort and approachability. "The new liquidity design, GLM is created to change preconceived ideas and inspire the elderly to accept and use this new product. To this end, the company will continue its development work to make the EMS that people really want to ride on.