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Neuron expands the operation of electric scooters

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Neuron has partnered with Slough Borough Council in the UK to deploy 250 Safety First electric scooters over the next 12 months.

Neuron and City Hall are using geo-fencing technology to control riding areas and create dedicated parking and no-go areas in specific areas to improve safety.

Neuron says there will be more than 60 parking Spaces downtown, with 25 of those located in parking Spaces.All stops are highlighted and marked on the ground in the application.Each electric scooter can be recognized by its license plate.

Other safety features include the application of a control helmet safety lock to attach the helmet to an electric scooter between trips;There is also a "flip" detection feature that detects if the scooter has been left on the side and alerts the operations team to reposition it safely.

In addition, riders can call for emergency services using the emergency button, while the "Follow me On My Journey" feature allows users' friends and family to track the scooters' progress in real time.

Neuron expands the operation of electric scooters

Zachary Wang, CEO of Neuron, said: "Our electric scooters are a safe and convenient way to travel, especially for those who want to be socially distant."

As part of the deployment, Neuron has created a dedicated safety team that will use hospital-grade disinfectants to keep scooters and helmets clean.They will also move electric scooters to where they are most needed, assist novice riders in registering for the app and provide practical tips on safe cycling.

To book an electric scooter through the Neuron app, a driver must be 18 years of age and have a full or temporary driver's license.A one-way trip will cost £1 to unlock the scooter, at 18p a minute.

More frequent users can choose to purchase Neuron Passes, a subscription service that offers three days (£15), a week (£22) or a month (£36).The packages will allow users to ride as many as 90 times a day, up to a maximum.

The scooters which have a maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour, will share the same road space as the bikes, including low-speed roads, cycle lanes and tracks.