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Electric scooters have been launched in central St. Petersburg with a new set of rules

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Electric scooters are now available in St. Petersburg. On Thursday, 300 electric scooters were placed around the city. Razor and Veo plan to add more in the coming months.

The two companies are rolling out two different options that allow riders to ride standing or sitting down. The scooters can go 15 miles an hour, start at $1 and run at 33-37 cents a minute.

But unlike in Tampa, there are a lot of different rules. The biggest one: At the end of your ride, you must park your scooter at a designated parking spot. The parking locations are listed on the map within the Razor and Veo applications.

St. Petersburg currently has 33 parking spots, but they plan to add a total of 90 over the next few months. If the rider fails to park the scooter at one of the stops, the charge will continue to be by the minute.

"This is one of the things we see in other cities, because they're everywhere," Rick Kriseman, The mayor of St. Peter, explained at the conference on Friday. "When it comes to scooters, we've seen what's happening in other cities, so we decided to spend some time and really try to make sure we learn from what other cities have done right and wrong."

Electric scooters have been launched in central St. Petersburg with a new set of rules

Electric scooters are banned on sidewalks, popular seaside trails or on st. Petersburg's docks. You must also ride them on bike lanes or on streets with a speed limit of 30 miles or less per hour.

Mo Asghari, who works with Veo Rides, says this applies to skateboarders, too. "Just make sure you're on the road at all times and use some common sense," he elaborated.

Over the next year and a half, St. Peter will test scooters and business owners are eager to see how popular they are.

Ferg's Bar and Grill owner Mark Ferguson added: "I can't wait to see everyone on the scooters. We just need to be safe and careful."

Nicole Roberts was also pleased with the release. Her mission is to encourage everyone in downtown St. Peter to ditch their car keys in favor of public transportation, bike rentals and electric scooters.

"I noticed that the end from the waterfront to Central is a little too short to cycle, but a little too long to walk, and this scooter is an ideal time to get somewhere in between" she said.

You can try both types of scooters free of charge on Sunday 1 November at 10 am at Al Lang Stadium Car Park.