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China’s first group standards for Shared motorcycles were officially released

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On November 2, the first batch of group standards for Shared motorcycles was officially released.This series of standards was compiled by the Standardization Committee of The China Urban Public Transport Association with the participation of a number of related enterprises. The standard lasted for one year and was reviewed by experts from China Academy of Electronic Technology Standardization and several local authorities and research institutions.

This series of standards consists of four group standards, namely, General Technical Specification for Electric Moped Sharing, Operation Service Specification for Electric Moped Sharing, Specification for Lithium ion battery and battery Pack of Electric Moped Sharing, and Construction Specification for Electric Moped Charging and Changing Station of Electric Moped Sharing.

China association of urban public transport standardization committee secretary general wang said that the four criteria is “the electric bicycle safety technical specifications compulsory national standards”as the foundation, in the early stage of the project, the association visited research the multiple has put Shared motorcycles city, according to the government in actual control, enterprise sorted out the problems in the operations, eventually determine the standard formulation of direction.Standardization of the operation service of Shared motorcycles, safety of lithium battery application and construction standard of centralized charging station are standardized and unified.It is hoped that this series of standards, while being used by the government as the basis for supervision, can provide safer and more convenient service guarantee for the general public.At present, the first batch of standards for Shared motorcycles has been released. The standard committee plans to complete the second batch of standards by the end of the year. The second batch of standards will be compiled from the perspectives of the parking of Shared motorcycles, the intermittent use of lithium batteries and safe operation.

China's first group standards for Shared motorcycles were officially released

Shared motorcycles , Shared access to new air port

After Shared bikes and cars, the era of Shared operation has also catalyzed the popularity of another means of transportation, that is, Shared electric bikes.After entering the market, Shared motorcycles are deeply loved by the people, which can bring users a short trip of 3 to 5 kilometers.In fact, the start of sharing electric bikes is not later than sharing bikes, but too many operators choose campuses or scenic spots as their operation scope, which do not attract people's attention.

With the gradual and healthy development of Shared bikes, e-bikes have been launched in cities since 2018. According to statistics, there are now more than 300 cities with e-bikes in operation.Since its launch, the company has faced a series of embarrassing setbacks, including being suspended, interviewed or asked to sign up collectively. The sticking point is still the difficult issue of standards and supervision of Shared motorcycles.

The industry says the nascent sector still has a long way to go, with rampant capital inflows, difficult government regulation and excessive corporate spending.It is hoped that this series of standards will bring a healthy and sustainable environment for the development of the industry.