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The Ekooter can be folded into a rolling ring with a handle

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The Ekooter can be folded into a rolling ring with a handle

Although there are many collapsible electric scooters on the market today, not all of them are particularly easy to transport when folded.The Ekooter looks like it should because it folds down into a wheeled vehicle.

Designed by British company Ekoo, the Ekooter rolls on its 14-inch tires at speeds of up to 25 km/h (15.5 MPH) when in use.The standard 10.5AH removable Samsung battery pack can be charged for two to three hours and has a range of around 100km (62 miles), according to the report.The Ekooter Light model comes with a lightweight 7-Ah battery that provides a range of up to 64km (40 miles).

The Ekooter can be folded into a rolling ring with a handle

When scooters need to be brought indoors or used on public transport, the rear wheels are folded from one side into the curved aluminum frame of the aircraft, while the front wheels are folded from the other side.The handle can then be used as a handle to pull the entire object onto a set of casters on the bottom side of the frame.The rods can also be folded down along the wheel for storage.

Cording to Ekoo, the entire folding/unfolding process on an electric scooter takes less than five to seven seconds.

Some of Ekooter's other features include a 350W rear hub motor, front and rear LED lights (including brake lights), and front mechanical disc brakes and rear drum brakes.The standard model weighs 18kg (39lbs), while the light scale weighs 15kg (35lbs).

If you're interested, Ekooter is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign.If all goes according to plan, the promise of 549 pounds ($714) will bring you a Light; the regular version costs 609 pounds ($792).Their planned retail price will be 999 pounds and 1,170 pounds ($1,291 and $1,512)